SIX SEASONS CHRISTIAN RIDERS............ a ministry that brings the gospel of Jesus Christ to people where they are. The Bible says, "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15). The most effective way to reach the lost outside of their home and workplace is to meet with them where they spend their leisure.


So to the motorcycle rallies we ride our motorcycles; to the 4X4 rallies we drive our 4X4’s; with the snowmobilers we ride our snowmobiles that we might follow the Bible’s teaching in I Cor. 9:22 where Paul says,
Lee Downey one-on-one ministry at rodeo"I am made all things to all men that I might by all meanssave some." Thus, whatever can be ridden on or in may be used as a tool with which to minister, whether it is a motorcycle, a snowmobile, a 4X4, an ATV, a boat or canoe, a bicycle, a horse, or a motor home.

Six Seasons Christian Riders is designed as a ministry that functions in the four seasons that we all know – spring, summer, falland winter – and in the two seasons in which God has commanded us to be prepared to minister according to II Timothy 4:2,"Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season." Hence our name, "Six Seasons Christian Riders," and our ministry motto, "In All Seasons... Prepared."

Motorcycle MinistryOur ministry has two edges to it’s sword. Number one, the evangelist is a missionary to North America ministering to people where they are to be found. Thus you will find our evangelists at motorcycle rallies and rodeos, riding snowmobiles through the snows of winter to snowmobile events, and paddling canoes in the wilderness as they lead Christians and non-Christians alike into places where they can be confronted by the person of Jesus Christ.

Number two, the members of Six Seasons Christian Riders may become effective tools, not only in supporting the evangelist’s ministries, but as instruments in reaching people in their own right. Members are encouraged to ride their own vehicles to the activities that their particular mode of transportation dictates and by wearing the Six Seasons Christian Riders colors to effectively represent Christ and minister as God leads.

4-wheeler outreachWhether one ministers at these events on an individual basis or as a Chapter activity, opportunities are available for the obedient Christian to fulfill his/her ministry. We provide training and will help you effectively develop your gifts. Together we will see the lives of many changed as they discover that the Jesus we know loves and cares for them also.

The ministry of Six Seasons Christian Riders and the evangelists are dependent on the gifts of supporters and members. Individual involvement in this ministry is crucial to it’s existence. The North American Mission field is reachable by all in our praying, giving, and going. If you would like more information about this ministry or if you are interested in becoming a part, please e-mail us today!

We will be happy to talk with you. Furthermore, as a service to assist you, we will gladly include you, free of charge, in our mailing list. This will enable you to become an effective prayer warrior as the quarterly Newsletter will keep you informed of events in the field, plus future rally schedules and other opportunities to serve Him. In addition, our monthly devotional will minister to you each time you receive it. If you would like to receive the quarterly and monthly newsletters, please complete our short registration form located on our "contact us" page. Should you choose to support financially, be assured that your gifts will be used effectively. And if God leads you to participate as a member, riding and ministering with us on the road, we welcome you as together we all six seasons.

Lee Downey - Six Seasons Christian Riders


Meet the founder, Lee Downey

Lee Downey has been an evangelist since 1971 and a motorcyclist long before that. His travels on two wheels have taken him from the tropics of Puerto Rico and southern Mexico to the tundra of Alaska. His love of the outdoors and adventure has led him from skin diving in the Red Sea to mountain climbing in our Forty-ninth State. While living in Alaska, Lee began guiding bicycle trips for Christian young people which later led to a bicycle/canoe/back-packing Christian ministry in northern Wisconsin, Minnesota and Canada. God then led Lee into motorcycle evangelism. In 1989 he founded Six Seasons Christian Riders, an international evangelistic outreach ministry that involves motorcycling, wilderness canoe trips, rodeos, and other outdoor activities. He travels thousands of miles annually preaching the Word of God at these events.

Lee’s ministry within the Church relates a refreshing and practical application of discipleship and evangelism. He helps young people discover God’s will for their life while discovering how to use their spiritual gifts and physical talents in God’s kingdom work. He is a regular speaker at outdoorsmen’s events where he effectively relates the gospel message to fellow hunters and fishermen while sharing his outdoor experiences in Alaska and the Lower Forty-eight.

Lee has also been a student of Bible prophecy for over thirty years. His insight in ‘connecting the dots’ between current world events and prophecy being fulfilled is both enlightening and encouraging while including vital information for saints living today. Lee currently resides in northern Wisconsin with his wife, Marilyn.



Lee’s Ministry Schedule – 2014

March 27-April 3        Arizona Bike Week/meetings                      Phoenix, Arizona

April 6-15                    SSCR Mtgs. & Ministry                                 Rio Grande Valley, Texas

May 17-19                   Navy Reunion                                                Erie, Pennsylvania

June 6-8                     Six Seasons Iowa Rally                                 Amana Colonies, Iowa

            20                    Back to the Fifties                                          St. Paul, Minnesota

28                               Duluth Car Show                                           Duluth, Minnesota

            29                    Aitkin Fly-In/Drive-In                                   Aitkin, Minnesota     

July     5                      Motorcycle/Car Show                                    Solon Springs, Wisconsin

            18-20               Missions Conference                                  Edgewood, Iowa

August 1-3                  SSCR Black Hills Rally                                  Rapid City, South Dakota

            4-8                  Sturgis Classic                                               Sturgis, South Dakota

            9                      Minong Car Show                                          Minong, Wisconsin

            29-31               Great Northern Classic Rodeo                     Superior, Wisconsin

September 5-7           Davis Rally/SSCR Camp-In                         New Hampton, Iowa



You are encouraged to join Lee at these events. It is an excellent way to learn how this ministry functions – and become a part of what God is doing.  

Notice: Only Lee's outreach rallies are listed. His in-church events are not.

            If you would like Lee to speak at your event please call him.

*Please call Lee for details and to confirm participation

Note: tentative items subject to change

If you have any questions or would like to sponsor an event or have Lee speak to your group, church, or in your home contact him at 715-399-8845 or contact Six Seasons headquarters.

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