President’s Column 5/21/2015

So many have asked through cards, emails, and telephone calls how I’m doing and what’s taking place that I’m going to address some of those things here. Indeed, this has been a winter like no other for our family. Following the home-going of Marilyn and Zeb, and getting through the Christmas season without them, I have since been regrouping and recapturing my identity. With virtually evrerything destroyed in the fire I’ve taken to writing a list of things I need to replace as I find need for them: Drivers license. Scissors. Can opener. Checkbooks. Credit cards. Ketchup. Outside work boots. Flashlight. All the things formerly taken for granted that when I reached for them they’d be there. This will take some time as most items aren’t missed until they’re needed.

As for grocery shopping – I always knew it was a lot of work when Marilyn bought groceries because Zeb and I made it a practice to carry everything into the house when she got home. But she had to purchase them and put them into the trunk herself. That’s work. But the worst part for me is walking around the grocery store not knowing where things are and when finding them not knowing what I really need.  And decisions like orange juice – with pulp or not? Extra virgin coconut oil? How does one become an extra virgin? Plus sticker shock: hamburger four dollars a pound! I don’t think so. I’ll go fishing. Did you know that milk is more expensive than gasoline! Ooftah!

As for living quarters, one doesn’t rebuild a house here in the winter time. That coupled with the fact that I’m now alone with no one to share my household precipitated my decision to turn the south end of our new metal building into a small one bedroom apartment- at least for the time being.  It may be permanent or temporary – I don’t know yet. But it gives me a place to live and a ministry base. I have replaced my computers and printer and am getting the web page up to date. My summer ministry schedule is filling. My motorcycle is ready to go. And just yesterday a man called from Duluth informing me of eight street rod/car shows that he thought I could be attending. I appreciate now the forward vision God gave when we founded Six Seasons back in 1989 – to use whatever means it took, whether two wheels or four, horses or canoes, motorhomes or airplanes, to connect with people and present the gospel message of Christ. It looks to be a busy summer.

I want to thank those who have taken the time to call, send cards, monetary assistance, or stopped in. I know I have missed some in my thankyous as it has been a pretty stressful time, but know that each and every one of you have been a blessing and monetarily you have made my recovery possible. God is good and you a part of His provisions and encouragment. THANKYOU!

My phone numbers have been re-established and all communications are the same as before. So please contact me if you have any questions. If you’d like to join me on the road ministering after reading my ministry schedule please call me. I’d love to have you along.


Preach the word, be prepared in seasons and out of season…..(II Timothy 4:2)