About Lee Downey

lee_downeyLee Downey has been an evangelist since 1971 and a motorcyclist long before that. His travels on two wheels have taken him from the tropics of Puerto Rico and southern Mexico to the tundra of Alaska. His love of the outdoors and adventure has led him from skin diving in the Red Sea to mountain climbing in our Forty-ninth State. While living in Alaska, Lee began guiding bicycle trips for Christian young people which later led to a bicycle/canoe/back-packing Christian ministry in northern Wisconsin, Minnesota and Canada. God then led Lee into motorcycle evangelism. In 1989 he founded Six Seasons Christian Riders, an international evangelistic outreach ministry that involves motorcycling, wilderness canoe trips, rodeos, and other outdoor activities. He travels thousands of miles annually preaching the Word of God at these events.

Lee’s ministry within the Church relates a refreshing and practical application of discipleship and evangelism. He helps young people discover God’s will for their life while discovering how to use their spiritual gifts and physical talents in God’s kingdom work. He is a regular speaker at outdoorsmen’s events where he effectively relates the gospel message to fellow hunters and fishermen while sharing his outdoor experiences in Alaska and the Lower Forty-eight.

Lee has also been a student of Bible prophecy for over thirty years. His insight in ‘connecting the dots’ between current world events and prophecy being fulfilled is both enlightening and encouraging while including vital information for saints living today. Lee currently resides in northern Wisconsin with his wife, Marilyn.