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President’s Column

President’s Column 5/21/2015

So many have asked through cards, emails, and telephone calls how I’m doing and what’s taking place that I’m going to address some of those things here. Indeed, this has been a winter like no other for our family. Following the home-going of Marilyn and Zeb, and getting through the Christmas season without them, I…

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God Is Good – All the Time

God Is Good – All the Time 2014 was a very good year of ministry, but the ending was much different than we would have wished. And yet, in it all God was glorified. Following Marilyn’s home going in October our five children, spouses, and grandchildren all gathered in our home on Thanksgiving eve. This…

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A lot has transpired since our early fall Newsletter, most notably, the elections are over! Weren’t they fun? I loved watching all of the television commercials. So much truth to choose from.

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Lessons Learned

I never realized the tremendous amount of paperwork that needs to be done upon someones death. Funerals to plan, hospital bills to pay, insurance papers to be filled out and mailed, vehicle titles to be changed, phone accounts and bank accounts to be closed – all reminders that you are forever ending the evidences of someones life on…

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What Do You Say to a Dying Person?

What surprised me during Marilyn’s short time in the hospital and her two weeks at home was the number of her friends that never came to see her. I thought visiting the sick or imprisoned was nearly a Christian virtue? I didn’t connect the dots until I was in Walmart one day and a friend of hers came…

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